How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9

Why Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S9?

When you buy a smartphone from any particular carrier in the United States, you are unable to use it on different carrier services. If you buy your phone from AT&T, you can never use it on different other networks such as T-Mobile, Sprint, etc until you unlock your phone. Carrier networks usually lock their SIMs so that their customers don’t leave them for their competition. It’s not permanent by any means as you can unlock them but they do it to discourage users from switching by adding some extra effort and time.

Not everyone may need their phone unlocked but there are times when you want to switch carriers for different purposes. You might want to switch your network services either because you are dissatisfied with your current one, other networks offer better or more affordable plans or you might be someone who travels a lot. You can unlock a carrier phone either by using a 3rd party website where you pay for your code or by getting it from your current carrier. When it comes to getting it from your carrier you might get it for free or you might have to pay depending on the network you have. Most don’t offer unlocks for free especially if the phone is brand new in the market.

The process of unlocking your Samsung galaxy S9 might be different for some carrier services and similar amongst others. Here are some of the ways in which you can unlock your Galaxy S9 device from some of the biggest carrier networks in the USA.

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Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 on Sprint

Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S9 on Sprint is similar to a few popular carrier services but there are a few key differences. For Sprint, you will either require an international unlock code or a domestic (United States) code. The former one will be needed if you need to take your smartphone to other countries whereas the latter will allow you to use it within the United States. However, there are also certain requirements you need to meet to get these codes. Some of the factors that play an important role in the approval process are the standing of your account, zero balance, non-usage of your device for illegal or criminal activities and whether your phone has ever been reported for being stolen. You also need to have used the device for a minimum of 50 days on their network. If you haven’t meet the above requirements, you won’t be eligible for getting the unlock codes.

Once all that is done, you can be on your way to unlocking your Sprint Galaxy S9 by following the steps given below.

Step 1 – Dial #06# from the device and get your IMEI number

Step 2 – Then call the Sprint customer service (1-866-866-7509)

Step 3 – Request for your unlock code by using your IMEI number

Step 4 – Choose domestic or international SIM unlocking based on your needs. Do keep in mind that if you request for an international unlock code, your phone won’t work on other carriers.

Once all the above steps are done, wait for the code which will be sent to you within 24 to 48 hours. When you get the code, enter a new SIM (other than Sprint) and restart your phone. When it starts up again, you will have to input your code and press Unlock.

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 on AT&T

The unlocking process for AT&T is similar to Sprint. Since the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a recent product, it’s very unlikely you’ll get it unlocked for free but you can call the customer care to find out such details. Before you request for an unlock code you need to meet their requirements. Your phone has to be paid in full before requesting the code and you shouldn’t have any termination fees. You also shouldn’t have the device linked to multiple AT&T accounts. Phones that were reported to be stolen and resold online won’t be applicable for a SIM unlock. So if you have bought yours from websites such as craigslist, make sure you check the history before purchasing any device.

Once you have met all requirements, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Dial #06# to get your IMEI number

Step 2 – Go to the AT&T SIM unlock website

Step 3 – Fill the required details accurately

Step 4 – Request the unlock code. You should get it within 24-48 hours.

Step 5 – When you get the code, remove the old SIM and insert a new one. Then restart your phone.

Step 6 – Input the unlock code and select “Unlock”.

Step 7 – Rejoice and have a beer!

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 on Verizon

Verizon was one of the few major carriers in the US that had a “no lock” policy. However, in the beginning of 2018, they changed their policy to the dismay of their potential users everywhere. The reason for this change according to Verizon was to prevent phone thefts and criminal activities such as identity theft.

To change your carrier service from Verizon to another network, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Dial #06# to get your IMEI number.

Step 2 – Go to a 3rd party website such as or call the Verizon customer care to request unlocking details.

Step 3 – Get the unlock code. You should get it within 24-48 hours via email.

Step 4 – When you get the code, remove the old SIM and insert the new one. Then restart your phone and enter the new code.

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Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 on Boost

You can unlock your Samsung galaxy S9 Boost SIM by utilizing a 3rd party website such as Each of them will require you to fill in standard information such as the carrier service you are currently on, phone manufacturer, phone model, IMEI number etc.

Step 1 – Dial #06# on your S9 and find your IMEI number (15 digits)

Step 2 – Input the IMEI number and other necessary details on the 3rd party website.

Step 3 – Pay the required amount and get your unlock code.

Step 4 – Remove your Boost SIM and reboot your phone. Input the new unlock code and press “unlock”. If you’ve got multiple codes and one of them is not working, don’t worry. All you have to do is reboot and try the other code number.

Step 5 – Once the right code has been inputted, your Boost Galaxy S9 will now be unlocked.

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 on Cricket

To unlock your Galaxy S9 from Cricket, you need to have used the phone for at least 6 months on their network. You also have to be registered with a paid service or have an unlimited plan to be eligible. You can know more about their specific requirements by calling their customer care number. Once you know you are eligible to get your SIM unlocked, follow the steps down below.

Step 1 – Dial #06# from your phone

Step 2 – Find your 15 digit IMEI number

Step 3 – Contact Cricket customer service to get a SIM unlock code.

Step 4 – Wait for the code to be emailed to you.

Step 5 – Once you have the code, change to a new SIM from a different carrier and restart your Galaxy S9. Then input the code.

Step 6 – Enjoy your new carrier service.

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 on T-Mobile

Unlike other carrier services, T-Mobile makes everything easier for you by providing a convenient App. The only thing you need is to make sure that you pass T-Mobile’s requirements for unlocking your phone. The requirements are standard such as not having unpaid balance on your phone, history of using T-Mobile for at least 40 days on the same device, no late fees, etc. Once you have met all their requirements you can download the T-Mobile Device Unlock App and get started with the process.

Step 1 – Download the T-Mobile Device Unlock App and open it.

Step 2 – You will be asked to inquire about your eligibility for unlocking the phone. Press “continue” if you know you meet all their requirements.

Step 3 – You can choose to either permanently unlock your device or do it on a temporary base. The latter is for users who love the T-Mobile service but have to travel to other countries for work or vacation.

Step 4 – The App will find your IMEI number and start the process of sending you your unlock code. If you are eligible you will receive your code within minutes.

Step 5 – Insert new SIM, reboot your phone and input the unlock code.

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S9 For Free

There are two ways in which you can get your Samsung Galaxy S9 unlocked for free. One is to contact your current carrier and understand their terms and conditions to do so and the other involves you to rooting your phone. The former is the safer way to unlock your device but depending on your carrier’s requirements you may or may not be able to get it done at that point of time. If you are eligible, you can follow the steps given in the beginning of the article to unlock your SIM. The latter gives you the control but it comes with its own risk.

Rooting your phone is something that should be done only if you know exactly what you are dealing with. If you are not a tech savvy user who understands the tech behind phones and software, do not attempt it. One wrong step and you could end up with an unusable phone. You might find many websites and tools that claim to unlock your device for free but use them at your own risk. Some of these tools can easily be used by hackers to break in to your phone.

It’s far wiser to just spend a few dollars and get it unlocked from a well-known third party SIM unlocking website like

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