How to Unlock Your iPhone XS Max?

Apple iPhone XS Max is a phone made for people with big hands and those who love to have a large display. It makes it much better to watch movies, play games like PUBG with more screen real estate and be able to scroll endlessly on Instagram or Facebook without feeling cramped.

The hardware specifications are excellent and the phone is a solid competitor to the large screened Samsung Galaxy Note phones that have been around for a while now. The pricing of the iPhone XS Max is what should intimidate a lot of people and if you want to skip it, you should get it on subsidized pricing from one of the top cellular service providers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

They lock their phones to their services so that you stay within their plans and continue paying a hefty sum every month. This guide focuses on how to unlock your iPhone XS Max so that you could use it on any network of your choice which provides the best plans to suit your requirement. The procedure is quite similar for all newly launched Apple iPhone models including the iPhone XR, XS and the XS Max, the largest phone of them all.

How to Unlock Your iPhone XS Max in Sprint Cellular Service?

Sprint is an easy choice for most people especially if you are already using their plans in your older model. They have a bunch of great offers to go with, selling the XS Max for its original price with a two-year contract but if you choose to come out of the network, it won’t be a big problem.

The service provider has the shortest period because you can officially unlock your phone within 50 days of purchasing it, but the entire sum should be paid outright. If you are hesitant about making the payment, just try and get things down without spending a fall fortune to unlock your phone. Make sure to check out the page where Sprint provides details on their terms and conditions to unlock a smartphone.

  1. Your IMEI is the most important tool as it helps companies identify your phone model and the network you are connected to.
  2. Find your IMEI number by entering *#06# and note down the number that is displayed on your phone
  3. The next step is to call Sprint on their official customer care and register a request to send you an unlock code or to unlock your phone remotely
  4. The Sprint customer care number is 888-211-4727 and an alternative number is 855-639-4644
  5. Based on your location and the services provided in the region, you will be able to find more numbers in case the ones provided here are not reachable
  6. Place your request with the customer care and they will do the needful in two business days
  7. Any user who has already completed the two year period will automatically end their contract and be unlocked for use with any SIM card

A Step By Step Helpful Guide to Help You Unlock Your iPhone XS Max on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is far more strict in this regard, because when you buy a locked mobile from their cellular service, you are expected to wait at least 12 months before being able to place an unlock request. It is a difficult proposition for people who are planning to move to a different SIM card based on their plan requirements. Besides, the company doesn’t officially entertain any requests before this period.

If you need a quick alternative and want to really come out of the T-Mobile network, the only viable option is to get unlockauthority to help you in getting an unlock code. The service is provided for a nominal fee and doesn’t cost as much as paying your iPhone XS Max cost upfront. The company will provide you a permanent unlock code if your phone meets their minimum requirements. The service provider also has a policy based on which they will provide you with an international travel code. It is a temporary unlocking solution that you can use to travel abroad, use a different SIM card in any country but will automatically be locked once the period ends.

  1. Before making a call to the customer care or filling up the online form, make sure you have found the IMEI number of your phone
  2. If you are unsure, just type *#06# on your dial pad and you will receive the IMEI code. Make sure to note it down somewhere
  3. Head to the verification page on T-Mobile website
  4. The site will allow you to know if your phone meets the minimum requirement to get unlocked
  5. An easier way is to download the official T-Mobile app and let it run to detect if your phone is eligible to use other SIM cards
  6. You will receive the unlock code on your email address which you can redeem and get ready to use your phone with other networks


What is the Procedure to Unlock iPhone XS Max on AT&T Services?

AT&T is a preferred cellular service provider and the company provides great offers from time to time that you can use to purchase an iPhone XS Max. The validity period through which you should be their customer and pay the monthly premium is applicable similar to other companies. The monthly payment will vary based on the storage size that you opt for in their checkout page.

The XS Max is an expensive device by itself as it costs $1,099 for the base model with 64 GB of space. When you go higher up the ladder, you should pay $1,449 which is even more expensive and the monthly payment will be $48.34 for the top of the line model. If you have maintained a good credit score, you will be able to get the phone without making any down payment during the time of purchase.

  1. Start the process by entering *#06# on your XS Max and note down the IMEI number displayed on the device
  2. Head to the unlock page on the AT&T website where you can officially request the company to unlock and let you use other SIM cards
  3. You don’t need a permanent unlock in case you are traveling and require a temporary solution for which the company offers the International Day Pass
  4. Instead of paying the full sum or waiting during the contract period, you can consider visiting to get your phone unlocked instantly
  5. The website has been designed to help people unlock their phones from long-term contracts so that they could use it anywhere and use any SIM card that suits their usage requirements

A large number of users have benefited by opting for a third party unlock code provider. They help free your phone’s IMEI number from the clutches of a cellular service provider. It is faster, the cost is less and perfectly reliable so that you don’t have to wait months to get your unlock code from the company.

iPhone XS Max

How to Unlock the iPhone XS Max on Verizon?

Verizon focuses on a different business model which is good news for customers. The company chooses not to lock most of the phone models they sell and iPhone XS Max is one among the many models. You may still have to pay the monthly premium that you agreed on the 24-month contract but will be able to use any other SIM card of your choice.

You can head to the official Verizon unlock policies page that gives a very brief description of how they handle unlock. The page confirmed that Verizon will not lock postpaid phones and as soon as you make the purchase from the store, you can head home and use it with any network of your choice within 24 hours of activating it.

  1. Verizon confirmed that they do not lock their 4G devices and users are free to use it with any network of their choice
  2. If you are opting for any special plan with reduced rates, you may have to remain in their network as long as the term defines. This is applicable only for limited time policies such as ones announced during Black Friday or Christmas for reduced costs
  3. If you have any further questions, call Verizon customer care on 888-294-6804
  4. Any request placed in the company will be completed within two working days
  5. The page also confirmed that there is no need to get an unlock code in order to use a different SIM card on your iPhone XS Max – Unlock your iPhone XS Max for Use with Any Network

Unlocking your iPhone XS Max is not an easy or simple task when the cellular service provider imposes lots of different terms and conditions. Every time you wish to unlock your phone, you are expected to have completed a specific contract period which varies anywhere between two months to two whole years based on the company you have tied up with. Besides, they will also check your IMEI number for eligibility and confirm that your phone is not stolen or blacklisted. finally puts an end to all these issues because you can receive your unlock code instantly without further scrutiny. Fill up the form on the website where you provide your IMEI number, contact address and pay the fee to receive the code in your email address. Just enter it and you are good to go! Use any SIM card you prefer on different networks and make the most out of your Apple iPhone XS Max.

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