How to Unlock Your iPhone XS?

Apple iPhone XS is one of the best iPhones ever made! We are not kidding, but it is,in fact, a much better smartphone than the iPhone X, in terms of hardware specifications, improved Face ID and better build quality. However, the phone still lacks a headphone jack and in-display fingerprint scanner, but people love it for a reason, the iOS and hardware sync is just awesome.

When you buy your new iPhone XS from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon, you might want to know how to unlock your iPhone XS. There is no one answer to this question because each network handles the situation differently. While some of them allow you to initiate a request process in a couple of weeks, others focus on selling their iPhones unlocked so that you don’t have to worry about using a different SIM card in it.

This step by step guide has been made to help you understand how different cellular service providers work, their requirements and the steps to unlock the iPhone XS and other newly released iPhone models such as the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

How to Unlock Your iPhone XS in Sprint?

Sprint is one among the many popular cellular services providers and by default, they sell all their latest smartphones with a two-year contract. The contract term ensures that you stay as their customer for a considerable period of time and pay for their services. It helps the company recover the cost they have to invest to help buyers subsidize the price of the iPhone XS in the long run. In order to come out of their contract and use a different SIM, you are expected to pay the full amount outright in case you are doing it within a very short period of purchasing the phone.

According to their official policy, Sprint expects that the customers should have used the phone for at least 50 days since the contract started, before sending in an unlock request. If you like to know more about their policies and terms, you can head to their official unlock page which should give a better idea of the services and the restrictions in them.

  1. Start by receiving the IMEI number of your phone. You don’t have to visit any technical person because you can do it from wherever you are
  2. Open the dial pad on your phone and dial the number *#06# and your IMEI number will be displayed. Make sure to note it down
  3. Get to the Sprint customer care on their multiple numbers available. The ones we found are 888-211-4727 and 855-639-4644
  4. You can also find any other number that pertains to your locality and place a request to unlock your iPhone XS with the customer care
  5. The service request will be completed within 2 business days according to the official website
  6. Users who have completed their two-year contract do not need to place a request because it will be done automatically by Sprint

There aren’t many complex requirements to get your iPhone XS unlocked. However, not only Sprint but every other service provider has a requirement that your IMEI number should not be blacklisted by any organization. It should also be a legal, usable phone that has not been reported stolen.


A Step by Step Guide to Unlock Your iPhone XS on T-Mobile?

If you are planning to buy a locked smartphone from T-Mobile, you should probably think twice because the company has a very long period before which they will allow you to legally unlock your phone. The plan remains the same even for those who are willing to pay the costs upfront and would prefer to use a different SIM which makes it all the more difficult.

T-Mobile has a strict rule that any user who has purchased the iPhone XS or any other model for that matter should have used the phone at least for a whole year, 12 months to be exact. Only after you have completed the required period, you will have the freedom to send in an unlock request. Before you place the request, make sure that the cellular service provider knows that you are planning to switch to support a phone that was already purchased in a different network.

The company, once they accept and approve your request after the one year-period, will send you a permanent unlock code. It can be used to unlock the phone; but for people who need temporary unlocking so that they can travel abroad, there is an option to receive a temporary code. The terms and conditions should be honored before you request a permanent code. It also costs you, whereas a temporary code will cost less so that you can make use of the device for your international trips.

  1. Users are expected to have the IMEI code with them when they submit a request with T-Mobile
  2. You can find the IMEI code of your phone number by entering *#06# and manually note down the number for easy access
  3. As they have a couple of terms and conditions to be met, you can simply enter your IMEI number in the verification page. The page verifies the process of letting users know whether they meet the requirements to get their phone unlocked
  4. The iPhone XS eligibility status can also be confirmed if you download the T-Mobile device unlock app from the app store
  5. The app will automatically scan your IMEI number, check the database and confirm if you are eligible for an unlock code or not
  6. If you have cleared all pending cost, you will receive the code on the official email address provided when you purchased the phone
  7. Enter the code to unlock your phone and you can now use any SIM card to check if it works seamlessly on other networks

Understand How to Unlock iPhone XS on AT&T Services

Apple iPhone XS launched at the same price as the original iPhone X at $999 but if you are opting for the entry-level model on AT&T, you can get a couple of discounts. The model is available in three different storage sizes including a 64 GB version, 256 GB and 512 GB versions. For users who have been maintaining great credit levels, you can opt for a zero down payment plan in which you are expected to pay just $33.34 per month as part of the contract. This pricing is applicable only for the entry-level model whereas the monthly payment will increase if you opt for the higher variants.

The concept is similar to other cellular service providers with AT&T. The company simplifies the policy by providing an unlock page where you can check your phone’s eligibility to be unlocked and receive the code.

  1. In order to find the IMEI device number on your iPhone XS, enter *#06# in your dial pad
  2. Make sure to note down the IMEI number displayed on your phone as it will come in handy later
  3. Open the unlock page where you can submit a request to send you the code to unlock your phone
  4. AT&T does offer a temporary unlock system named the International Day Pass. The service is handy if you are going to travel internationally and require to use different SIM cards during the trip for a short period of time
  5. With the help of, you can forget about paying the entire sum upfront to unlock your phone or having to put up with service provider conditions
  6. Head to the website where you have to fill up a form with your phone model, IMEI number and pay the nominal fee for the service
  7. The company will send you an unlock code which entered will allow you to use any SIM card of your choice

Using third-party services to unlock iPhones have been around for quite long. They are quite reliable, have helped hundreds of users unlock phones out of a long-term contract and experience the convenience of using any SIM card as they like to.

Apple iPhone XS

What are the Steps to Unlock iPhone XS on Verizon?

Verizon has a company policy that allows them to sell most of their phones without a long-term contract binding them to their network. According to the latest update on their official website, you can buy the base model iPhone XS with 64 GB of storage for the actual price without paying anything extra or being tied to the same service provider for a long time.

The company sells the phone for a 24-month payment period during which you will pay $41.66 which is the exact $999 price of the phone. The only additional payment that you have to make is the one-time activation fee of $30 which Verizon says allows them to provide the fastest 4G LTE services throughout the United States. That’s not too much of an asking price for an iPhone XS that comes unlocked and doesn’t have any added interest rates apart from its original price.

A detailed unlocking page has been set up by the company where you can get all the details you are looking for.

  1. Most Verizon plans don’t focus on locking their customers but there are plans where you may get significant discounts. In such plans, you are expected to pay the upfront costs before unlocking your phone
  2. Call the customer care 888-294-6804 and submit your request
  3. The company representatives will work on it and get it done within 2 business days. However, this step is applicable only for locked phones and not all models purchased on Verizon
  4. You can insert a new SIM, enter the unlock code and start using it – The Most Reliable Third Party to Unlock Your iPhone XS

When you visit, you are free to unlock your iPhone XS in a matter of minutes. The service provider does these services for a nominal fee and there are no exorbitant fees associated with it. Some service providers like Verizon have a short waiting period while others force the users to wait for an entire year before providing the unlock code. You can come out of all these hassles by making use of Unlock Authority, that is easy, cheap and reliable compared to going the conventional route. Your international trips will be much easier now if you travel a lot and you can also opt for better plans from any network on your choice by unlocking your iPhone XS.

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