How to unlock your ZTE Phone

Want to unlock ZTE phone and not sure how to go about it? We have a very simple procedure of unlocking devices that takes very less time and does not even cost you a big fee. You can unlock your phone and begin using it with a SIM of your choice without having to visit a physical store for it.

If you travel often then you would realize how much you will be able to save by buying a local SIM. We unlock ZTE devices from almost all carriers and we support most ZTE models. By unlocking your ZTE phone with us, you can be assured that your phone’s warranty will remain intact and you will not damage anything on your phone.

Our automated software has been built to ensure high accuracy when it comes to unlocking phones. We search our automated system to make sure that we support your phone before we proceed with the order. This saves you time and ensures 100% accuracy from our end.




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How to unlock ZTE phone?

We use unlocking software that does not damage the phone in any way and does not impact the warranty on your phone either. The process is easy and can be completed from the comfort of your home:

  • We begin by taking your device model number and network details. This helps us identify if we can actually unlock the phone or not.
  • Next we take your IMEI number. We search the number on our system to find out if a code for the phone can be generated by our software program or not. The IMEI number of your device can be found by dialling *#06#.
  • Once these are confirmed, we proceed to taking your contact details which will be used for sending you the unlock code.
  • You confirm all the details and recheck for accuracy before submitting the order and making your payment.
  • As soon as the payment is received, we quickly send the unlock code to your email. The email includes step by step instructions that can help you unlock your phone quickly.

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Can you unlock all ZTE phone models?

Yes! We support unlocking for all ZTE models. However, there are some networks that we do not support. When you enter your phone and network details, we inform you if we will not be able to generate a code.

How long does it take for me to get the unlock code for my ZTE phone?

Keeping the entire process as quick as possible, we send the code as soon as we receive the order payment. It confirms that order and our automated system, which works 24*7 generates an unlock code and sends it to your email address with the unlocking instructions.

How do I trust that this will work?

We have served many clients to their satisfaction. Every customer who has used our service has been able to successfully unlock their phone. You may read testimonials from customers who have used our services to be sure that it will work for you as well. We also give you 100% guarantee that it will work or else we will return your money.

Why unlock your ZTE phone with Unlock Authority?

We can unlock 99% of networks

Most clients choose us again and again because we are fast and reliable. Our automated software is built to unlock 99% of the networks. It works all round the clock to generate codes quickly and it has accurately provided codes for 100% of the unlock requests it has received till now.


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It is quick and easy

We understand your need to unlock your phone quickly so that you can use it with whichever SIM you like. You will not have to wait long because as soon as the payment is made, our system sends the code to you.

We guarantee that it will work or you will get your money back

Our unlocking software has worked successfully for all customer requests. Every client has been able to successfully unlock their phone, so we are sure it will work for you as well. If it doesn’t then you get your money back.

We have the lowest price

You can compare the cost of unlocking your device with your carrier and you will realize that you may be paying a big fee. But with us, the price is kept lowest along with the guarantee of money return and the fact that your phone will remain undamaged by the process. You will not even lose the price plan on your phone that you are currently on.

  • Blade series
  • Axon series
  • Nubia series
  • Tempo series
  • Grand series
  • Max series
  • Hawkeye
  • Boost (all models)
  • Sonata (all models)
  • Maven
  • Open series
  • V5 Lux
  • Imperial series
  • Star series
  • Speed
  • Zinger
  • Zmax
  • Kis 3 series
  • Redbull series
  • Warp (all models)
  • Reef
  • Vital series
  • Geek series
  • Director
  • Avid series
  • Groove series
  • Flash
  • Score series
  • Anthem series

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