TRUST ME THEY ARE LEGIT AS THEY COME! I was skeptical at first and thought I just wasted 40 bucks, because I placed an order during the wee hours of the night. I waited until morning and they were there RIGHT ON TIME, first thing in the morning with communication. My sprint galaxy phone was UNLOCKED, very easy! Thank you!


I was very skeptical of using an online service to unlock my iPhone 7 because I’ve been scammed before. However, this website service proved me wrong! I switched my network before unlocking my phone with the previous carrier (BIG MISTAKE!) and was left to figure out a way to unlock my phone (without burning a hole in my pocket) quickly. I was using an old phone as a temporary solution and it nearly drained all of my energy and the old phone’s battery in trying to look up other stores/online services. I came across this site and read the reviews (which were more authentic than some of the other sites). The turnaround time was under 48 hours for less than $25, which was well worth it. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the service. I will definitely recommend this site to my loved ones.

This site is legitimate and affordable!!

Amazing and fast! I wasn’t sure at first, but I do highly recommend if you need a phone unlocked! They did great unlocking my Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. Thank you!!

Amazing and fast

Wow! These guys know what they are doing! I had sprint for over a year and they where charging me waaaay to much money for just 2 lines ($200). I decided i wanted to switch to something cheaper and to save money. T mobile was my decision and while i liked the service and pricing for 2 lines i still wanted to use my s8! I found unlock authority and read reviews and figured whats $40 right? I’ll give it a try. The next day after work i was already chatting with a service tech and he was extremely nice and stayed with me the whole way and even made sure my t mobile sim card was accepted to my s8 and even made sure i can text/surf the net/call out-in! I have my s8 back and thanks to you guys i can enjoy my phone again! You guys rock and im already recommending this service to everyone on my facebook and people at work! Great job!! A++++++++


This website is 100% legit I paid the $40 it took a few days to get my email with all the information but I have a Galaxy S7 that was on the Sprint network and now it is on the Q Link wireless network

This really works

Excellent service and it absolutely works. I was skeptical at first but they sent the code as promised and it worked instantly.

Excellent service and it absolutely works

i went to at&t to unlock they told me i had to wait 6 months to unlock. decided to go online found this website i sent in my imei, paid 15 dollars and waited two days. i got my code and my phone was unlocked. recommend 100%

i went to at&t to unlock they told me

first thing i will say is this worked on my sprint samsung galaxy s8, however the process was very difficult for me until i found a tech that was extremely helpful and did all the work for me remotely, what had taken me over a week without success took him 15 minutes and now i was able to slip my metro pcs sim card in. i would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a legit unlock and if there is trouble ask for TECH06.

it works

Wow wow wow… Honestly, i purchased 2 unlocks at the same time, one from this site and the other from differnent site. Surprisingly, code from unlockauthority came. Great job sticking with your unlock timing.. I would recommend this site to anyone who’s looking for unlock sites. Thank u

Wow wow wow..

Wow!! Just Wow… Thank you so so much i had tried 3 other unlocking companies (should have skipped all the headaches and came to UNLOCKINAUTHORITY.COM first) and none of them could unlock my lg stylo 4 with metro pc till you guys i will absolutely tell all my friends and family and will use you and only you with any and all of my unlocking phone needs, thanks again for making this a awesome experience! Boo Hollenbeck