Wow! These guys know what they are doing! I had sprint for over a year and they where charging me waaaay to much money for just 2 lines ($200). I decided i wanted to switch to something cheaper and to save money. T mobile was my decision and while i liked the service and pricing for 2 lines i still wanted to use my s8! I found unlock authority and read reviews and figured whats $40 right? I’ll give it a try. The next day after work i was already chatting with a service tech and he was extremely nice and stayed with me the whole way and even made sure my t mobile sim card was accepted to my s8 and even made sure i can text/surf the net/call out-in! I have my s8 back and thanks to you guys i can enjoy my phone again! You guys rock and im already recommending this service to everyone on my facebook and people at work! Great job!! A++++++++