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How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • 1. Fill the form

    Enter your preferred email address alongside your phone IMEI #  , the type of phone and the network it’s locked to.

  • 2. Receive confirmation code

    Check your email for unlock code. Instruction on how to unlock your will be provided. Remote unlocks are also eligible.

  • 3. Congratulation ! Your phone is unlocked!

    Follow the instructions  in your email to unlock your phone

Benefits of using UnlockAuthority to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • 24/7 unlocking service

  • Fastest turnaround time

    As quick as 45 Minutes!

  • 100% Customer satisfaction is guaranteed

  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Why Everybody Loves Us

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Had a fantastic experience using Unlock Authority

Had a fantastic experience using Unlock Authority. Customer service is unmatched, quick and awesome replies. Even messed my phone up after the process trying to do something on my own, came back on and helped me all the way through. Would use this service again any day! Thank you so much Unlock Authority!!


To be honest at first I was skeptical

To honest at first I was skeptical, but then when I woke up and seen my unlock code and tried it and it worked I was sooooo HAPPPPY.. And it’s alot cheaper than the places where I live which is 40$ and he’s only avail on week days. Also customer service is awesome.. very quick to respond . I recommend this website to anyone who needs their phone unlocked

Incredible customer service experience

Incredible customer service experience when working with Daniel. He was patient, happy to answer any and all questions, and delivered on unlocking my phone in under 24 hours. Would highly recommend this Company to anyone in need of having their cell phone unlocked.

You thought of buying a Samsung galaxy note 5. You inquired everything about it before buying. You were fascinated by its reputation in the market. You saw it scaling high on the list of best phablet smartphone. It had amazing features, longer battery duration, massive internal storage and the list goes on. But one thing you hardly noticed when you bought it that it was locked. Yes, locked to a particular service provider. Now you want to insert another SIM which gives better network quality and facilities then the one which is permanently residing inside your note 5. Now you want to want to unlock your phablet but you don’t want to break its warranty or you are getting thoughts like unlocking will lead to dismantling or if these kind of myths are stopping you from unlocking your note 5 then we are here to rescue you. Know more about us.

Unlock authority

We work online in order to help in unlocking your device. We have prepared an automated software which works by generating code for your device. We ask minimal payment trust us, by the time you make payment we send you code and instruction to carry out unlocking on your email address.

How to use our service?

The steps are very easy than any other complicated software available online. Also, you don’t have to be a professional technician in order to unlock your phone by yourself in the presence of our assistance. Read these steps carefully and follow them as they are:

  • Look for IMEI number written on the back side of your note 5. Or just dial *#06# and write it down on the space provided.
  • The purpose of asking IMEI number is to confirm whether your device supports the service or not. If you find your Samsung galaxy note 5 on your list move to next step.
  • Fill your contact details carefully for us to send code and instructions on your email address
  • Make the payment using your preferred method and the automated software will generate code for your model.
  • Login in to your email id. Get your code and instructions to follow the further processing.
  • Follow each and every step as written in the instructions.

Congratulations! You unlocked your note 5. Now you don’t have to worry about roaming charges when you travel from one state to another or from one country to another. You can slide in local SIM of a local service provider and stay in touch with your loved ones when you are far.

Also, you can choose service provider of your preference which provides best services round the clock.

Why To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5 With Unlock Authority?          

We work on 99% networks

That means whatever network you were using till now is available with us and you can unlock your note 5 without any hassle. You will get every network under your one roof.

We charge minimum amount

Our charges are the least as compared to others. When you go to carriers for unlocking your phone they charge you heavy amount and they also don’t give service at your doors. Our service is completely online based. You just have to visit unlock authority.

We are fast and easy

You don’t have to be a technician for reading and following the instructions. Anybody with a basic knowledge of working of the device can carry out the operations.

We are 24×7 available for you

Unlike your carriers who don’t give you services after a certain time of a day, we work through our automated system which is open for you all days a week. That’s why you can take our help whenever you feel like.

You can trust us completely

Any doubts and queries from your side will always be entertained by us. Just contact our customer care and we will respond as soon as possible. You can read testimonials and reviews given by our clients after using our service. If in case we disappoint you we will return your money without posing any charges.


How much time it takes to get the code?

If your model is on our list then after paying our charges you will receive the code and instructions on your email address.

How to know it will work for my device?

 For that purpose IMEI number is asked, if you find your device on the list of devices that support, then only proceed further.


What to do if code doesn’t work?

Please contact us and we will figure out what went wrong. Otherwise, we will refund your money, without deductions.

What if it hampers warranty?

It will not. It is an online processing system. We assure you that your warranty will remain intact.