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How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6

  • 1. Fill the form

    Enter your preferred email address alongside your phone IMEI #  , the type of phone and the network it’s locked to.

  • 2. Receive confirmation code

    Check your email for unlock code. Instruction on how to unlock your will be provided. Remote unlocks are also eligible.

  • 3. Congratulation ! Your phone is unlocked!

    Follow the instructions  in your email to unlock your phone

Benefits of using UnlockAuthority to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6

  • 24/7 unlocking service

  • Fastest turnaround time

    As quick as 45 Minutes!

  • 100% Customer satisfaction is guaranteed

  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Why Everybody Loves Us

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Had a fantastic experience using Unlock Authority

Had a fantastic experience using Unlock Authority. Customer service is unmatched, quick and awesome replies. Even messed my phone up after the process trying to do something on my own, came back on and helped me all the way through. Would use this service again any day! Thank you so much Unlock Authority!!


To be honest at first I was skeptical

To honest at first I was skeptical, but then when I woke up and seen my unlock code and tried it and it worked I was sooooo HAPPPPY.. And it’s alot cheaper than the places where I live which is 40$ and he’s only avail on week days. Also customer service is awesome.. very quick to respond . I recommend this website to anyone who needs their phone unlocked

Incredible customer service experience

Incredible customer service experience when working with Daniel. He was patient, happy to answer any and all questions, and delivered on unlocking my phone in under 24 hours. Would highly recommend this Company to anyone in need of having their cell phone unlocked.

It is easy to fall for a picture perfect slim and sexy phone which provide you best of the both worlds like best graphics, best picture quality, best features, high speed and you don’t want to lose it just because it is loyal to a specific service provider. You have to limit yourself too because your phone is not ready is shift its loyalties. You are bored and irritated with the existing service provider because it doesn’t provide you attractive tariffs or data packs like your friend enjoys on his phone. You want to switch but cant. Above all of this, the service provider keeps calling you whole day to repeat every time the same not so attractive and also useless offers. Now you are completely frustrated and want to bang your expensive phone against the wall but you hold your horses and decide it to sell to someone in need and buy some cheap phone instead, to install SIM of your favorite service provider because you can’t afford to buy a handsome phone for yourself till your next bonus. Before you allow yourself to disturb this far we just want you to use our feature of unlocking your fancy phone. It will allow you to slide in the SIM card of your chosen service provider.

Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Unlocking your phone will not only allow you to use features of other service providers at reasonable prize but also helps you to travel with ease and stay in touch with back in your native country. If you are an avid traveler and wake up every morning in a different country, this feature will help you to buy a local SIM and use it in your locked phone. This is going to save your extra bucks which you pay for making after changing your location to some international one and you will not under the radar of roaming charges.

If you will go to carriers who don’t sit nearby your residence to help you out, for unlocking your phone, they will charge you a hefty amount for this small service because it is something not done by every technician.

That is why we are here for you to make your life bit easy. We provide you this service comfortably at your home without any hassle also at minimal charge and we also ensure that you get your phone unlocked as quickly as possible with the help of our automated software.

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6

The steps are very easy to follow in order to unlock your phone. First of all, you need to check whether your phone is on the list of supported or not. If you can’t find your phone there then sadly you will not be able to undergo processing. But if yes, then bingo! Follow these baby steps and get rid of locked status of your phone.

  • Call on *#o6# to get the IEMI number of your handset.
  • If we are available with an unlock code in our database for your phone, then proceed further and enter your contact details. (Your details are asked for send unlocking code on your number)
  • Fill your details carefully. Now make your payment to complete your order.
  • Our automated unlocking system activates to generate code for unlocking your phone as soon as we receive the payment.
  • The code will be sent to you through your email with complete instructions to unlock the phone.

See, how simple was that!! Now quickly unlock your handset with ease and slide in SIM card of your choice. If you have an insecurity that your phone may get damaged or it will hamper the warranty then let us confirm that nothing like this will happen we assure you of this.

Does it work for all Samsung models?

Cent percent it does work for all models. We support 99% of available networks. If our automated software has generated code for your phone then definitely you can unlock it.

This is an easy process. There is no need to fall for confusing, complicated and expensive software.


How soon I will get the code?

Our aim is to make our service quick and fluid. Once the payment is received, your code is sent immediately to you. We are 24×7 at your service to ensure no complaints from your side.

How to get assured about the service?

Before you proceed further to unlock the device we check whether your phone is supportive or not. For that purpose, IEMI number is asked. We also check the phone model you have and the network you are currently using. After a complete analysis, we ask for contact details and payment not any time before.


Why To Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S6 With Unlock Authority?

Because we can unlock 99% of the available networks.

Our software is efficient and fast which works on almost all Samsung models.

Our customer care executives are always there to clear your doubts. Our aim is to make our service best for you.

It is easy to use. Our unlocking service is accurate and we work day and night for you so that you can use it whenever and wherever you are in need.

We give you the guarantee of success else you can take your money back. Forget about the insecurities and bluffs. If we fail, we will return your hard earned money.

We charge you minimal amount for our service. You can compare the prices with your carriers for unlocking, you yourself will realize the huge difference.