Unlock your iPhone  from any carrier in minutes.

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How to unlock your iPhone

  • 1. Fill the form

    Enter your preferred email address alongside your phone IMEI #  , the type of phone and the network it’s locked to.

  • 2. Receive confirmation code

    Check your email for unlock code. Instruction on how to unlock your will be provided. Remote unlocks are also eligible.

  • 3. Congratulation ! Your phone is unlocked!

    Follow the instructions  in your email to unlock your phone

Benefits of using UnlockAuthority to unlock your iPhone

  • 24/7 unlocking service

  • Fastest turnaround time

    As quick as 45 Minutes!

  • 100% Customer satisfaction is guaranteed

  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Why Everybody Loves Us

Verified Reviews, Read  on www.trustpilot.com


Had a fantastic experience using Unlock Authority

Had a fantastic experience using Unlock Authority. Customer service is unmatched, quick and awesome replies. Even messed my phone up after the process trying to do something on my own, came back on and helped me all the way through. Would use this service again any day! Thank you so much Unlock Authority!!


To be honest at first I was skeptical

To honest at first I was skeptical, but then when I woke up and seen my unlock code and tried it and it worked I was sooooo HAPPPPY.. And it’s alot cheaper than the places where I live which is 40$ and he’s only avail on week days. Also customer service is awesome.. very quick to respond . I recommend this website to anyone who needs their phone unlocked

Incredible customer service experience

Incredible customer service experience when working with Daniel. He was patient, happy to answer any and all questions, and delivered on unlocking my phone in under 24 hours. Would highly recommend this Company to anyone in need of having their cell phone unlocked.

Are you looking for a way to unlock iPhone without having to install various software programs, learn rooting or taking apart your device? None of this is necessary with Unlock Authority. If you want to be able to use different SIM cards on your phone then you can unlock your device with us and the entire process will be handled by our team at the backend.

We provide you with the easiest and quickest way of unlocking your phone at a very low fee. You will not have to take your iPhone 6 to a physical store for the unlocking procedure either. The request can be placed online from our website and you simply have to wait for a confirmation that your phone has been unlocked.

You can then pick a SIM card of your choice and use it on your phone. This means that you can travel without worrying about big roaming charges and you can also enjoy the attractive pricing plans offered by other carriers. With your phone unlocked, you will not be limited to specific offers only. Also, the whole process is built to ensure that your phone’s guarantee remains intact.

How to unlock an iPhone 

The process of unlocking your phone is easy. You will be required to send us details of your iPhone so that we can unlock it.

  • First, you will have to find the IMEI number of your iPhone . You can get this by either looking at the back of your phone under the Apple logo or you can head to the Settings menu of your device and tap on About where you will find the IMEI number.
  • Key in the number in our tool along with your phone’s model number and network name.
  • We will conduct a quick search in our systems to ensure that we can proceed. Then we will take your contact details where we can reach you to confirm that the phone has been unlocked.
  • You will be required to confirm the details you have entered and place the order by making the payment.
  • We will process the order as soon as we receive the payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your phone is unlocked.
  • Plug in your iPhone  to your computer and launch iTunes. This will unlock your device and you can begin using it with any SIM card.


How long does it take for my phone to be unlocked?

In an attempt to keep the process as quick as possible, we begin unlocking your phone as soon as we receive the payment. Our system works 24*7 to meet all our customer’s requests in a timely manner. We will send the email confirmation as soon as we unlock your iPhone.

How can I trust that it will work?

You can read our customer reviews to get an idea of how happy our customers are with our services. We always ensure that our clients are able to unlock their phones if the model and network is supported by our system.

Can I get a refund if it does not work?

Yes! We have a money back guarantee which allows you to claim a refund if we fail to unlock your phone.


Why unlock your iPhone with Unlock Authority

We can unlock 99% of the networks

Our systems are built to unlock iPhone 6 phones on most of the networks. We try to update our systems to incorporate as many networks as we can and try to ensure that we are able to help all customers unlock their phones.

It is quick and easy

With Unlock Authority, you can stay in the comfort of your home and initiate the unlock request. We will get it done for you in a timely manner. You will not have to wait in a queue, drive to a physical store or pay a big fee for it. Our unlocking process is very simple. Most of the work is done from our end. You just have to plug in your phone to your computer once only to launch iTunes.

We guarantee that it will work or you will get your money back

We are the only team that doesn’t just help you unlock your phone, quickly and safely, but we also assure you that if your phone is not unlocked then you can claim your money back. We will send a refund. This is how sure we are that we can unlock your phone without any damages.

We have the lowest price

You can compare the price you pay to us with the price you may have paid if you unlocked your phone with your carrier. You will realize that you are only going to pay a fraction of that fee to us. And at a lower fee you will be able to unlock your phone from the comfort of your home.


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